Don’t Waste This Year!
Mark 2:18-22

Thank you so much for visiting our website! Here is an excerpt of my notes from Pastor A.J.’s sermon, “I Want What I Want!”    We pray this Message will bless you the way it blessed us! Please come back again next week for more from “LaKesha’s Pen” with another inspiring message from our Pastor.   Yours in Christ, LaKesha Johnson-Lewis

In Mark 2:18-22, the people were looking to poke holes in Jesus’ message and in Him being the Messiah.  Throughout the first four books of the New Testament you will read how the Pharisees and Sadducees were always looking for a way to discredit Jesus.  Even today many Christians face ridicule from those who oppose Christ.  Jesus always showed Himself strong and wise as He will even do in the lives of Christians today.  Jesus gives them a wise answer and uses the comparison of the old verses the new.  In each of these comparisons He explains that trying to mix the old with the new always destroyed the old and that old ways of doing things cannot hold the new.  Christ came to do away with the old way of doing things.  He came to show that God was doing a new thing and the old method was done.  No longer did they have to live a life full of rules and regulations but instead God came in the form of a man, Jesus Christ to tear down the wall of separation and bring us all (both Jews and Gentiles) into a personal relationship with God.  As we experience today many people are afraid of change, are you?    Read the Full Sermon

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